Potassium Permanganate B.P. 10g

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Potassium Permangante B.P. Approximately 10 g. Supplied in robust clear polypropylene vial. When dissolved with water can be used for emergency water sterilisation/purification, as an antiseptic/general disinfectant agent for superficial wounds and skin conditions or as an anti-fungal treatment. Only a very small amount is required for medical uses and one vial is sufficient to produce hundreds of litres of sterilised water or antiseptic/disinfectant solution. For fire-lighting can be mixed with vehicle radiator anti-freeze, glycerol, brake fluid or sugar for combustion. Can also be used as a snow marker to aid location. Full printed instructions for use on exterior of vial. For emergency use only and at user's risk. Length 85 mm, diameter 12 mm. Made in England. 

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