British MOD Survival Kit Individual Mk 4

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British MOD issue Survival Kit Individual Mk 4. NATO Stock Number (NSN): 22P/8465-99-131-4124. Designed in the 1980s as a pocket survival kit for pilots and Special Forces operating in remote areas or behind enemy lines. Suitable for all environments: temperate/ jungle/arctic/desert. Vacuum sealed in waterproof olive green foil packets and contained within an olive drab cloth storage pouch.

Contents: luminous liquid damped mini baseplate compass with cm/inches scale and dial calibrated in mils with black securing lanyard, metal storage tin (inside usable as a mirror/heliograph), Commando Wire Saw, heavy duty single edged steel razor blade, aluminium blanket (silver/matt olive), clear plastic sleeping bag/shelter, olive green paracord, water purification tablets (x 20), water carriers (x 2), flint and steel hacksaw blade with sharpened end, fire tablets, cotton wool (tinder and wound dressing), wax candle, sewing needles (x 2), fishing kit, brass snare wire, olive green foil pouches (x 2), shelter/general purpose clips (x 4), black vinyl tape, rubber band, Velcro secured olive drab fabric pouch with brass lanyard hole, waterproof instruction sheet.

Size: 7.5 x 5 x 2 inches

Weight: 450g

New old stock. Made in the United Kingdom by BCB International (Wales) in 2015. Life expired due to the water purification tablets sealed within the kit, so 20 x new in date tablets are included with each kit. The expiry date for the condoms is not applicable for their use as water carriers.

Note: United Kingdom sales only for this item.

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