Betalight Torch

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Betalight Torch
A tough field pocket torch that requires no batteries or maintenance for its 10-15 year operational life. The betalight gaseous tritium light source provides sufficient illumination for night map reading and other forward area tasks. It is recessed and housed securely in a robust black rubber moulding with a hinged cover that allows graduated light exposure.  A ring at the rear of the torch is attached to a neck-cord.  Provides complete reliability in all weather and environmental conditions and underwater. Operating temperature range -60°C to +70°C. Not affected by humidity or altitude changes. Maintains night vision. NATO Stock Number (NSN): 6260-99-965-3582. In use with the British Army and friendly armies worldwide. Betalight torches were selected by NASA to equip astronauts on all Apollo missions.
Length: 77 mm
Diameter: 35 mm
Weight:  55 g
Betalight colour: green
Manufactured by SRB (Saunders-Roe Betalight) Technologies in 2017. 10 year service life (usable up to 15 years with reduced light output). Illumination has been increased from 800 µL to 1,000 µL providing practical illumination of an area 10 cm2.
Quality Assurance
SRB Technologies is certified to ISO 9001 and meets the requirements of UK Ministry of Defence Standard 62/4. SRB Technologies is the original developer and manufacturer of Betalights.
Note: Cannot currently be exported to the United States.
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